sundays are the best days

Sundays is an award-winning production service company based in Berlin, covering all of Germany including Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig. With roots in the US and Germany, and over 15 years experience producing high-end projects across borders, we understand our clients' needs and walk the extra mile to make your vision possible – across advertising, film, television and cinema.

We analyze each project to find the best location, equipment and configuration. You can expect fair prices, quick turnaround, outstanding English-speaking crews, and an overall fun experience. 

With our creativity, passion and knowledge, we take on the ever-changing challenges of each production, working to find nimble and affordable solutions, while guaranteeing excellent results. We are tireless in our effort to deliver each project flawlessly. 

We can’t wait to show you Germany and invite you to a (vegan) Schnitzel and a beer.

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Our clients include: